Minor Assignment 3

Due March 8th
Your next minor assignment will be to find a video on vimeo, import it into Flash, and rotoscope at least 5 frames in Flash. It is not intended that you will spend more than a class period on this. See the guiding videos from the previous post for help in doing this. I can help you if you get stuck, but the videos should make it very clear.

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Minor Assignment

1) What is Rotoscoping?

This is when you record a video of “live action” and then edit it to trace around the “action”. It needs to be something consistent though and done frame by frame, so that the video can flow and be of good quality.
2) What is ‘Boil‘?

This is when the lines that are tracing the live action, deviate from the true line that differs from frame to frame. Making the animation shake unnaturally or look as if “boils”.
3) Name at least two (2) productions released this century using Rotoscoping.

Waking Life, directed by Richard Linklater’s & “Take On Me” music video
4) Name at least one (1) live-action production that utilized Rotoscoping.

Out of the Inkwell series.

5) Name at least two (2) feature-length animated films that utilized Rotoscoping.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Princess Iron Fan 
6) Name at least one (1) video game that utilized Rotoscoping.

The Last Express by Smoking Car Productions

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Cynthia Mendoza, Arnold Streety.

Ext. In the high school courtyard




(Taking shots of him ‘walking’)

He’s going to be walking in the courtyard just looking around



(Finds a cheeto bag)

Walks toward the cheeto bag and goes inside



(Inside the cheeto bag )

Once he goes inside the bag he realizes that he’s stuck inside of it and can’t come out



(Bag goes in the air)

When ___ is still inside the bag, it starts lifting up in the air with him inside. It goes up, all the way to the top of the balcony 



(As the bag reaches the top of the balcony)

Once he’s on top, he’s going to climb out of the bag



(Falls down the balcony)

As he’s coming out of the bag he starts walking on the edge and slips and falls off



(Flies with parachute)

As he’s coming down he pulls out his parachute to fly down.




Fold the tip to match up with the center




Bring the bottom right and left flap towards the middle and put it in between the middle flap




The top tips aligning it with the right and left angles, putting them in between the middle flaps like you did to the bottom flaps.




Congrats! You have now made a paper heart.



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Motion Graphics

What are motion graphics?

This is when there is a recording, pictures or animation used to be made into a video and they give the idea that they are moving by themselves, when they are really not.  They are also combined with some audio, to be made better. 

What are motion graphics used for?

They’re usually used to make multimedia projects  and are

Can you find any examples of motion graphics made for TV or the silver screen?
Find a couple different styles of motion graphics and provide links.

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Pitch for Main Project- Stop Motion

My partner is Arnold Streety and were going make a video about a little toy guy in a classroom and he gets stuck inside the computer screen. The video will start with the little man walking around the table and looking at the computer. He thinks it might be fun to go inside the screen, so he does. Once he is inside he cant get out. So that will be the problem or climax of the story. Were planning to take pictures of the little man in a white screen and then just putting the on the computer so it can seem like he really is inside.

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Analog Motion Graphics Examples



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What is stop motion?

This is when you make a picture or a subject is made into an animation. You add effects to make it ‘come to life’. It is adjusted with a frame, to have it cues and change when timed to, that way it looks like it moves by itself.

What are the different categories or types of stop motion?

– Clay animation

– Sand Animation

– Toy Animation

– Paper Animation

– Pixelation Animation

– Puppet Animation

What are some examples of stop motion made for TV or the silver screen? Find a couple that are both 21st century and pre-21st century.

Find a couple videos of different types of stop motion and provide links.

-human skateboard


– xbox commercial


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Rejected Film Score Opinions

 Which do you like better as a work of music?

Both Yared and Horner were really good, but I liked James Horner’s score better. It sounded like the pieces that are used in movies. It had suspenseful and slow, calming moments that allowed it to be more touching the audience.

Will a better work of music always be a better score for a movie?

I would think so, because it would give a better effect or compliment to the film. But it also depends on how well it fits with the film and not so much how it was made.

Can you say absolutely which would be the better score for the film?

With my knowledge of scores I don’t think I’d be able to determine which would be better for a film. I would say the one that transmitted the most emotions, or that is varied but unique.

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Questions about film and sound

Who is Foley?

Jack Foley was a a sound editor at Universal Studios who had the Foley technique named after him. Which is when you match live sound effects with the action of the picture. Its done to make it more realistic and to complement the sounds that the mike might have missed or may be weak on. For example, when people are walking in a film there is a possibility that the camera wont get that sound perfectly. But if you add the sound effect of steps to that then it makes the video more interesting to watch  and adds more life to it.

Why should we care?

We should care because these effects are what help the videos/ clips or movies reach out to the audience.  When you get to hear the sound effects, for example, in a scary movie, it gets you nervous or you start to get into the movie wondering whats going to happen next.

Around when did sound editing begin?

It started around 1895, when short films were being used.

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